Cold Sore Treatment: 9 Natural Ways

Cold Sore Treatment: Herpes Simplex Virus is the primary cause of the Cold Sore.

The virus infects the moist inner layer skin of the mouth. Skin to skin contact can be the reason for the cold sore

cold sore treatment
cold sore treatment fast

After infection, the virus gets to settle down in the nearby nerve sheath. And virus remains for the rest of life.

Usually, it’s inactive and does not contain any signs, but sometimes it does activate and travel to the mouth area and travels across the mouth area and causes a Blister. 

So first it would be great to look out the problem that like we can look out the triggers which are activated by the virus and try to avoid the one which we can 

Cold Sore Treatment Fast

Stress can play a significant role in affecting your virus. Whenever you feel week stressed your immune system got damaged and you cold sore virus hormones got activated and did the work. So it would be a great option to avoid the relax and deep breathy and try significant relaxations while feeling stressed. 

Take a Beauty Sleep

Get Fatigued until you get a great sleep, which will provide you with great relaxation at night. A good sleep at night is essential.

Try to take at least an 8-hour nap at night. This is suitable for your metabolism as well.

Dry lips can leave you vulnerable at the sun. Try to get the SPF 15 while exposing yourself to the sun. 

Beware of Kissing

Jazz! Sounds funny but ask your partner once before kissing, oral sex can lead you the significant damage. Try to avoid physical contact with the person who is suffering from the cold sore. Cold is contagious, so you should always beware of sharing the same towels, spoons and many other things which can spread the virus inside you. 

Start Some Self Care

This will be a great option if you start avoiding to touch the cold Sore with your hand. Because this will damage the fluid of the Blister which will spread all over the body, So, Remember, Do NOT TOUCH THE COLD SORE!

Aciclovir Cream

The cream does not affect the virus and even does not from the blisters. But this may prevent this fro from becoming Worse. Try to use it as soon as you realise the very first symptom of the Cold sore. While applying the cream, wash your hands before and after the cream. 

Concern Your Doctor

Nothing is better than directly concerning to your doctor for the prevention of the Cold sore. This can be a great option only if you are done with some essential self-treatments described above. Your doctor may refer you well what is right for you.  

Many people consider hazel, distilled water and alcohol are best to prevent the cold sore. This would be a better option if you will try to get rid of the sunlight, avoid direct contact with the pollution as this will also increase the size of the Blister.

Not only that you will also feel that Though for healthy people it dies not to take more than 1 to 2 week to get fit. “For the first time, if you observe any sign of the cold sore like redness or itching, this would be a better option if you will take the medication like Valtrex which will give you immediate heal once you realise that you have stricken with the Cold sore.

The best thing would be you will hit to the doctor as soon as possible and take the prescription to cure it quickly. 

Before the cold Sore gets bad and leaves some scars on your face, heal it quickly without doing any delay. 

Toothpaste On Cold Sore

cold sore treatment
cold sore treatment

T oothpaste on cold sore help to get out the problem. It is the best way or cold sore treatment.

Consider some Products

You may not be surprised to know because of advancement in the medical industry. You can take the benefit of some magical product which will help you to cure Cold Sore as soon as possible. 

Quantum Super Lysine Plus Coldstick

Tropical treatment is in trend these days. You can try Jam-Packed with SPF, which may help you to get excellent treatment when the cold Sore is triggered by sun exposure. This would be good if you will use this balm in early stages as this will help you to get rid of the itchiness, redness, other bacterias spread all over your skin. 

Bacitracin Zinc Ointment

Open sores should be treated with the topical antibiotic ointment like bacitracin help prevent them from spreading all over the body. 

The ointment prevents bacterial infections as well and hinders their growth. 

Ice wraps

To avoid the worst condition where cold Sore stays for the longest time and disturb you from being affected with the specific things can be painful for you. 

The reusable four-inch gel pack can be a blessing for you. This will provide you with relief as well as stop the cold sore to spread all over the face. 

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen

Cold sores can be triggered by sun exposure, so rather than seeking cures later. You should always apply the facial sunscreen which will protect the skin. This contains the high SPF which us good for skin as well as protect you from the UV Rays. 

Seek the Drugs

Cold sores generally clear up without treatment within a few weeks. Many prescriptions, like antiviral drugs, may speed the healing process. 

All the Drugs include 

  1. Famvir
  2. Denavir
  3. Valtrex
  4. Xerese, Zovirax

You can either have these pills on the form of drugs or medicines, whatever works well for you. Generally, pills work better than cream. Some antiviral drugs can be administered intravenously for different infections. 


Do not worry much about your diseases seek treatment; this will not only help you to achieve the cold sore treatment better. 

All and all a few things which you can do to treat the cold sore Ice, Pain Reliever, Cream products, Gel, Aloe vera, Avoid Triggers. 

Choose the better treatment which suits to your skin or consulting to the doctors can be a better option for you. Be Optimistic and be healthy!

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